Al Jazira, a local company with impeccable business practices is best suited to represent global companies in UAE


Companies Representation

To represent globally reputed companies in the dynamic UAE market environment, it is vital to partner with an organization that enjoys impeccable standing. And Al Jazira proves to be the perfect fit.


Al Jazira’s cache of human resources brings to the table expertise in diverse fields such as purchasing, technical and administration. These skills are a promising way forward for Partners in the area of imports and exports.

Commercial Agencies

Al Jazira’s constant quest for excellence propels it to partner with world-class companies and to bring them to the high-performing in UAE, supported by its own expertise in all fields of corporate governance.


Al Jazira promises good returns for global investments in the local market. The company on its part has invested heavily in expert man power, equipment, project execution and staying current with technology

Other services

Oil too is Al Jazira’s forte and comprises drilling for oil resources and execution of oil-related projects. We offer onshore and offshore services, which includes trading of equipment, installing, monitoring, and much more.